Events & Campaigns: Doctors' Day 2015

Events & Campaigns: Doctors' Day 2015

Drday 2015

When you think of your physician, what comes to mind? His compassionate demeanor, her empathetic listening skills, his expertise in his practice, her genuine desire to treat you as a whole person and to make you feel better...? Perhaps, you think of the physician who stitched your knee when you fell off your first two-wheel bicycle as a child or the one who helped you welcome your children into the world. Maybe, you think of the physicians who saved your mother's life when she had her stroke or who gently explained the treatment options when your father was diagnosed with cancer.

Whatever your experience might be, doctors have played a significant role in the health and welfare of so many of us. That is why we invite you to join the staff and volunteers of Firelands Regional Medical Center in celebrating National Doctors' Day on March 30, 2015. This day of honoring physicians began in Georgia in 1993 and has become a tradition throughout the United States as means to say "thank you" for the kind, compassionate expertise provided by these men and women every day.

In celebration of National Doctors' Day, we have shared a postcard that you may download and print to send to your physician to show your appreciation. For your convenience, we have a list of physicians and their addresses available on our website.

Take time today to recognize an outstanding physician by making a gift as a Grateful Patient or in support of another fund of The Foundation for Firelands in your physician’s honor. 

Additionally, if you wish to further express your gratitude, we invite you to make a tribute gift to the Foundation for Firelands in honor of the physician or physicians in your life. If you wish your gift to go directly to use by your physician, you may designate it to their area of practice at Firelands Regional Medical Center. As always, your gifts are never used to pay the physicians or their staff, but instead are used to enhance patient experience while under physician care at Firelands. We will notify the physician of your gift in his or her honor, but the amount will never be disclosed.

Please feel free to contact The Foundation for Firelands at 419-557-7150 or with any questions about Doctors' Day or other ways you can help patients at Firelands Regional Medical Center.