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Please consider paying your alumni membership dues. The dues are used for student nurse scholarships.

Dues amounts are as follows:  
Associate membership (non-graduate)   $5 per year
Regular membership $15 per year
Lifetime membership $150/one time only

Has Your Name or Address Changed?

Please email any changes to Diane Fitzthum, administrative secretary, at the School of Nursing, at

Alumni Update

The Alumni Board met on April 18, 2013. The annual alumni banquet was on scheduled for August 5, 2013, at Sandusky Yacht Club. The class of 1963 and the class of 1988 were honored this year as the 50th- and 25th-year graduates. In recognition of the classes of 1963 and 1988 we created a Power Point presentation.

We also recognized Elizabeth Riems, former faculty member, who passed away this year.

The 2013 Providence Hospital/Firelands School of Nursing scholarships were presented to Stephanie Flynn, Tammy Duncil, Trisha Patti and Yuerong Bayer.  

Employer Evaluations of Graduates of the Class of 2012:

Component: % of Agreement:

The graduate has met Third Year Curriculum           Objectives of the nursing education program


The graduate has values, professional ethics and accountability.


 The graduate functions accurately and safely.


The graduate's clinical preparation for actual               nursing practice.


Graduate Satisfaction-Class of 2012
100% of graduates who returned surveys rated their overall satisfaction with the nursing program as adequate to excellent.